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From where can I get kingtons, pipes and cigars?
A simple search on the internet with the keywords ‘electronic cigarettes’ will get you to several websites where you can buy these. There are several manufacturers producing the product with their own flavors and technical design of the electronic cigarette. Before you buy, it is always a good idea to have some research done on your preferred manufacturer.
Electronic Cigarettes are available from both retail shops and the shop of the manufacturer themselves. It is up to you to buy from. There are some retailers that might offer you discounted rates on the electronic cigarettes or the accessories required for them. Electronic Cigarettes are also available in street retail stores.
What is an electronic cigarette? How does it work?
There is a huge article on this website that details how the phenomenon works. But for helping you understand the basics, an electronic cigarette depends on 3 core components to work; battery, nicotine filled cartridge and atomizer. The atomizer acts as a heater when the cigarette is turned on. When someone tries to inhale through the ecig, the atomizer warms up and causes the nicotine cartridge to produce vapor. The vapor then can be inhaled by the smoker, giving a realistic experience of an actual cigarette minus the harmful smoke. The vapor produced from the electronic cigarette is nothing more than water vapor, which means you can smoke indoors without the worry of odor or the dangers of passive smoking.
How do I turn on an electronic cigarette?
Advanced technology has allowed manufacturers to install a mechanic on the atomizer that detects air when someone tries to inhale, causing the cigarette to auto power on. However, there are still some kingtons in the market that have manual switches on the atomizer. Before you can smoke, you need to flip the switch.
How to tell when to recharge the battery?
Most electronic cigarette manufacturers put a little charge indicator that lets the user know that the ecig is running out of battery. But there are some kingtons that still don’t use this method. The best way to find out about the battery life of your ecig is to turn it on and start inhaling. If the vapor feels very mellow or out of place, it usually means that you need to recharge the cigarette battery.
It is also important to know that some manufacturers give out starter kits that usually contain an extra battery so that you can continue using the ecig while the other battery charges. Keep in mind that if the desired amount and taste of vapor is not being produced, it usually means either the device has run out of battery or you have not inserted the nicotine cartridge properly. Refer to your product’s manual for help on how to install a cartridge properly.
What is the average charge life of a battery on an Electronic Cigarette and how long does it typically take to fully recharge a battery?
It depends on many factors. Firstly, different manufacturers include different quality batteries that typically last longer. But on average, most electronic cigarette batteries offer a charge span of 3-4 hours before it needs to be recharged.
As far as how long it takes to charge a battery, it typically depends on the power of the battery and the charger. On an average, a battery may require 2-3 hours before it is fully charged. Most electronic cigarettes have a LED that lets you know the status of the battery when it is charging. Just like a mobile phone, when the battery is completely charge, the LED turns green.
What is an average life of a battery?
This too depends on the quality of the battery the manufacturer has included. On an average, a battery can offer up to 300 charges before it is completely dead. Several third party batteries are also available on the internet that offers more or less charges before the life of the battery completely diminishes.
Why should I switch over to electronic cigarettes?
Even though manufacturers of these devices are not allowed to advertise, the electronic cigarette is actually less harmful than the typical tobacco filled cigarette. Here are some of the main benefits of using an electronic cigarette over a typical tobacco filled cigarette:
Does not contain tobacco or tar, but offers nicotine which is the main reason for smoking a cigarette.
Because it does not produce harmful smoke, the water vapor from the cigarette dissipates as soon as you exhale. This allows you to enjoy intake of nicotine in places where smoking is forbidden.
Electronic Cigarettes are free of all the harmful substances like carcinogenic substances, tar and combustion gases, meaning you get to enjoy the same effect with no harmful side effects.
If compared to a typical tobacco filled cigarette, an electronic cigarette offers more value for money.
How is the experience of a nicotine filled cartridge compared to actual tobacco filled cigarettes?
The nicotine filled cartridges of an electronic cigarette come in several different flavors but all of them have the same technology and ingredients behind to give you a near realistic simulated experience. Nicotine cartridges are made with propylene glycol, water, nicotine and a hint of tobacco sent that emulates the feeling and flavor of tobacco. These ingredients are also subject to discharge through a membrane on the cigarette when you start using one.
According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration, the ingredient propylene glycol is deemed safe to use in edible products. The FDA has put forward a list that allows the use of the ingredient in food, medicine and certain cosmetics. However, it is important to know that electronic cigarettes are not on the list as of yet.
What is released when I exhale the vapor from an electronic cigarette?
As mentioned earlier, Electronic Cigarettes have ingredients that are optimal for giving a near realistic experience of an actual tobacco filled smoke. But instead of inhaling pure smoke which is a result of several harmful substances from combustion of tobacco, you simply inhale and exhale a vapor. The vapor contains all the ingredients from the nicotine cartridge to give you a simulated smoking experience.
When you exhale the vapor it immediately evaporates in the air leaving no smoke or odor in the atmosphere. A vapor is virtually non-harmful to you because it only contains the ingredients that are inside the nicotine cartridge. As for typical cigarettes, many harmful substances enter our body when the tobacco is burned.
What is Propylene Glycol?
Propylene Glycol is the most important ingredient inside an electronic cigarette cartridge. It is used in most cosmetics, food and medicines to give them coloring or flavoring. The ingredient is also added to products to give them moisture. In electronic cigarettes, the ingredient is added to make the vapor look and feel like smoke, while also keeping the contents of the nicotine cartridge safe from losing flavor or drying out.
The U.S Food and Drug Administration deem the ingredient safe for use in food, medicine and cosmetics. However the list offered by the FDA does not include the use of the ingredient inside an electronic cigarette as ‘safe’ yet.
How much nicotine content is available in a cartridge?
Depending on the brand of electronic cigarette you buy, each one comes with a different quantity and quality. Refer to your manufacturer for complete details on the nicotine content available on a particular cartridge. On average nicotine cartridges have 0-18 mg of nicotine, but some are designed to offer you even more. Here is how you can find out what nicotine cartridge suits your needs:
High capacity: These cartridges have 18mg of nicotine which is the same amount as a regular cigarette.
Medium capacity: These cartridges have 12mg of nicotine content and are best compared to light cigarettes of any brand.
Low capacity: These cartridges have 6mg of nicotine content and are best compared to ultra light cigarettes of any brand.
Zero capacity: These cartridges have 0mg of nicotine content and are usually designed to give you a simulated experience of smoking without nicotine.
What is nicotine?
Nicotine is best described as an alkaloid. It is widely present in certain plants but tobacco is the main source of the substance. Nicotine is also available in vegetables like green peppers, potatoes, and cauliflower and egg plants. Some nicotine is also found in certain teas. When consumed through a cigarette, nicotine gives the effects of calmness, alertness and relaxation. These effects can last from minutes to hours depending on the quantity consumed. Nicotine is dimmed highly addictive and can easily cause addiction when consumed especially through a cigarette.
Can electronic cigarettes cause nicotine poisoning?